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Flescar Immigration, Business and Legal consultants is a specialized legal, immigration, tax and administration consultancy firm based in Nairobi Kenya that provides qualitative services to its clients in the field of Immigration Law, Business Consultancy, Tax advisory consultancy and administrative consultancy.

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What we do?

Some of the services offered by Flescar Consultants

Our Values

At Flescar Consultancy, we have value for the following principles;

  • We value integrity, ethics, excellence, team work and success both of our clients and our law practice in general.
  • We also believe in treating our clients with utmost respect and faith.
  • We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning, and above all we take pride in Client satisfaction.

Our Approach

Personalized solutions

Driven approach combines vast immigration knowledge and extensive practical experience to address a variety of complex scenarios.

Professional Approach

Our consultancy firm consists of highly-qualified immigration, legal and tax professionals with expansive knowledge of Kenyan immigration..


We nurture innovation and creativity in solving complex challenges facing clients today. We employ technology that allows our corporate..


We are committed to excellent client service, quality work standard and attention to the finer details...

Great Support

We provide start to end support and assistance during and after your processes....


We value your time and seek to solve your complex legal issues yesterday.....

Value for Money

We dedicate our technical excellence towards ensuring that the services provided are consumerate to the fees paid...

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